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Blah, blah, blah ........... everyone will tell you how they can cover your live event with multiple angles and the client projects they've worked on - but make sure you ask them what role they played in those projects. Have they Produced, Directed or Shot for the biggest names in entertainment, corporate America and compassion events? We have - all over the country! We're not afraid of live TV production - we've been doing it full-time since 1978. Let us help you with a successful outcome. Your event is too important to trust to the new guy.

Live sports, corporate events, network magazine shows, national touring concerts, non-profit and ministry-based projects for every major TV and cable network - these are the areas we have been involved in since 1977. We built our own multi-camera switching system that is based on the experience we gained on all these shows. can be used almost anywhere and we have proven it in many situations; meetings, conferences, jazz clubs, broadcast television, sports, high school graduations, choral and band concerts, plays, churches, schools, corporate conferences, airline roll-outs and marketing projects.

Our system bridges the gap between challenged budgets and broadcast video production services. This is not amateur TV at viral video rates - this is real TV for appropriate venues and budgets. Need long broadcast lenses, jibs, graphics, crew, 2 M/E switcher, slo-mo/replay, multi-channel audio, producer and director? We have it. Just need a camera and a power point player? We do that too. Want to stream it live to the web? We do that too. Just need a tight shot from far away? No problem - we can calculate your lens needs and bring in a camera with just the right lens. No budget for a long lens system? No problem, we have high quality, HD cameras at any level and can calculate just the right camera placement. We can even work with your own cameras if needed - no rules! Want to stream it live?  - we do that too


  • 6 Camera inputs 
  • Engineering rack - scopes, router, etc.
  • Downstream graphics
  • PPT or Pro Presenter
  • Apple or Avid codec recording
  • Intercom w/headsets
  • Camera tallies
  • Adapters, up/down/cross converters, DA's, cables, monitors, basic audio
  • Lighting
  • Camera choices - From Sony HSC100R to Panasonic AJ-PX270  - or anything you want to speccameras or ours.